Open Times

Open Times is the official periodical of Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences. It was inaugurated in 1982 under the name of " Guangzhou Studies". In 1989, it changed into its present name, "Open Times", and began to be issued both at home and abroad. Open Times has been included in the "Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index" and ranks high in "The Core Journals in Chinese Humanities and Social Sciences".

Open Times has been in close touch with China’s social realities since her adoption of the reform and opening policy, and has been an academic source of fuel to the modernization drive. It gives equal prominence to theory and practicality, and stresses the combination of the academic with the realistic. Hence its motto: Real problems, real scholarship. 

After many years of unremitting efforts, Open Times has attained an outstanding academic position at home and a good reputation overseas. It has a powerful editorial committee which consists of leading domestic and overseas experts and scholars in the humanities and social sciences. It boasts a large and stable team of original and creative authors, well-known or yet to be known. The academic influence of Open Times has gone overseas as the journal has been enlisted in many renowned university libraries.